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Feature Friday: Jen of jenscloset

Above: Vintage Pink Set or Sewing Projects Description: Well..I love pink and this is full of pretty pink! Includes 1 Advance dress pattern (teens size 14). The cover has tears on the corners; it looks as if this pattern was never used.5 feet of cute pink rick rack1 yellow plastic thimble

------------- feature friday written by jen ----------------------

As soon as I had my first child, Lindsey, I knew I was meant to be a Mom…and that would be my most important job ever! I have three fantastic children! Lindsey, my oldest daughter, is 26, and just happens to be my best friend! She definitely got her talent from my Mom (I think it skips a generation!). She’s always creating as you can tell by her blog My handsome son, Mark is 17 and will be a senior this year! My daughter, Katherine just turned 16 in March and is actually traveling in Europe right now with a group of students and teachers from her high school!

Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for antiques! My fondest memories of beautiful antiques, were rummaging through my Great Aunt Esther’s 250 yr old Rye, NH house…oh the things I found in that attic…if only I had all of them!

My daughter Lindsey was the one that encouraged me to start my Etsy shop back in April 2008 when I was laid off from my job! It’s amazing how you can turn things around when you follow your passion!

Above: Retro Cool Knowles Golden Foliage Blue and Gold Teacup and Saucer Set of 2 Description: I just love this gold and sea blue leaf has a great retro feel! This is a set of 2 teacups and 2 saucers by Knowles. Marked "Knowles", "Golden Foliage", "Four Seasons", "Casual China".

Let’s see…I am supposed to think of 10 things you don’t know about me..and should try to be clever..or funny I guess!
#1 speaking of funny…I am sure anyone that went to school with me will describe me as being very funny! I always loved (and still do) making people laugh! I also got in trouble in school for being funny!
#2 I feel bad for my family right now..especially my dear husband, Bob! They have put up with me collecting all of these beautiful vintage items, that are now taking up the entire house!
#3 I am so addicted to twitter..
well, I’m guessing those that know me on twitter, know that that is not a secret!
#4 I am more comfortable with who I am now, than I ever have been!

#5 I love clothes and have an entire bedroom devoted to my obsession! My husband turned one room into an entire walk-in closet for me!
#6 If you haven’t been able to tell from #5, I can be a little obsessive!
#7 I believe if everyone would just try a little kindness, the world would be a better place (and I don’t care how mushy that sounds!)
#8 I’d rather have just one true friend, than a bunch of so-so friends.
#9 I love to cook…and I love to eat!
#10 and #9 is why I also love to workout!

Above: Vintage Wire Mesh Pretty Little Butterfly Brooch

Inkwell Alley Notes: Jen loves her milk glass. She even opened a shop exclusively filled with all kinds of milk glass treasures. Her collection is phenominal.

1. Fenton Milk Glass Covered Footed Comport Description: 8 1/2" tall including the lid, milk glass, hobnail...even better yet..Fenton!Great candy dish (don't tell anyone where you hid it!). Made by Fenton between 1953 and 1968. 2. Cute Vintage Milk Glass Covered Hen Description: Cluck cluck! What a cute milk glass hen covered dish! From bottom to top of her tail she measures approx 5 1/2" tall. The base is oval with a candlewick edge and measures 7 1/8" x 5 3/8" with a depth of 2".

More Interesting News: Jen is recognized!

Etsy's Handmade Blog asked their readers to nominate their favorite Americana decor items. Out of all the contestants, jenscloset with her Vintage Ruby Red Candleholders (above) stole the show and got the most votes. Inkwell Alley Congratulates you!

>>This is just a snippit of what Jen has...she has so many beautiful items, it's hard to list. Her original shop is Be sure to check out her other shop for milk glass as well as for fantastic jewelry supplies! You can usually find Jen at She is now a member of the EtsyVintage Street Team and you can usually find her at @jenscloset

Written by Jen. Inkwell Alley would like to thank Jen @jenscloset for taking the time to chat with us; we really appreciate her talent and her shops. We look forward to shopping with her in the future. And as always, we will continue to help promote your talents and we wish you well in your future endeavors! --Monica & Sbass

Ballet, Barometers and Bosoms

We all have our own tests, our own inane maneuvers that we perform in solitude (usually after getting out of the shower or when trying on clothes) and use as absolute barometers of thinness and beauty. Unfortunately, I have several and the one I have been doing the longest is the Inner Thigh Touch Test. I started taking ballet and tap class when I was twelve and, at about age 14 and 15, everyone starting changing--except me. Most girls' pink tights were stretching thinner across their thighs and their black long-sleeved leotards swelled in places--butts, bosoms and hips--where my leotard still clung flat to my bony body. One day we were all facing the mirror and standing in first position--heels touching, toes turned out. I looked down the line, making mental notes: Her knees are almost touching, her knees don't touch but her thighs do, her thighs only touch at the top, where that really bulbous piece of fat first starts to form; skin is rolling over her hip bones, and, damn, her calves even touch. And then I looked at me, a stick poking out at harsh angles in Spandex. My legs were separated from each other from ankle to the bottom of my leotard. You could drive a tractor trailer right through and it wouldn't bump into anything on top or the sides. Every time I went to ballet class, I took note of this and beamed from within. I wasn't the prettiest girl or the most popular; I wasn't well-versed in pop culture or the latest trends in fashion, cosmetics and hair, and I certainly didn't attract the boys. But, gosh darn it, I was skinnier. My waifishness and height was all I had. And it's still all I have. Although those inner thighs seem to creep closer and closer together every year...

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