Friday, August 14, 2009

Feature Friday: Alisa of Daily Violets

Welcome to our Feature Friday!

Alisa Wetzel is a stay-at-home mom, graphic designer, and the owner of Mini Mosaic, Artwear Collection. She live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and on December of 2008, Alisa decided to launch Oh Yea, and did I tell you?! She's been busily and creatively working. In February, 2009, Alisa was featured on where they noted that they loved her "versatile, interchangeable jewelry". On July of 2009, Alisa also got a write up in Skirt Magazine .

Above Top: Sterling Pendant, Chain and Dogwood Flower tile
Above Bottom: Song Sparrow by Geninne Zlatkis tile

We decided to see what all the chatter was about, and we found out that Alisa's Mini Mosaic pendants are just what every wardrobe needs! WOW! We loved the variety and exquisite designs. The possibilities to change up your wardrobe within minutes are limitless as you can easily pick a new tile. Now that's what I call a perfect way to start the day. As you build your collection-- there are hundreds of tiles to choose from --you can add anything from modern to vintage, so it's a sure thing that you'll find that special piece that speaks to your heart. The best part? It's easy and fun to change out the pendant with whatever fits your mood! So even if you're on the run, you'll have time to change out your look!

A few extras we found that Alisa has noted about herself:
>> Favorite way to wrap a gift, and easiest, is to buy colorful nesting boxes at The Container Store, run to Michael's to pick out silk flowers and puts them together. "It adds a really nice touch to the gift!"
>> Soledad Almonds from Sahale Snacks - delicious!
>> Couldn't wait for the new Harry Potter and Twilight Series movies, and for Adam Lambert's new album. She states, "The fact that I say "album" lets you know I am not 16. :)"
>> Adam Lambert - especially his "Mad World" studio version on iTunes
>> This Retro Floral dress from Ann Taylor Loft. ("I wish it was a bit longer")
>> Experiencing a new backyard...moved last September!
>> Communication Arts, my favorite design publication.

Inkwell Alley Notes:
>>The store is Azuca in Los Gatos, CA. has a new display for Alisa's tiles. Now that's exciting!
>>Alisa was a part of the SF Trade show... and, her future endeavors? Well, maybe with TLC-KellyRipa-HSN group...stay tuned. Congratulations!
>>Check out Alisa's website, Mini Mosaic

Pendant Above: Friendship
All profits from the sale of this tile will go to the Humane Society.

Congratulations Alisa on your success. Inkwell Alley wishes you well and looks forward to any new updates! Information compiled from
Written by sbass of Inkwell Alley

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Plum Revisited

Either the well is too empty or too full. There's either writer's block, that infuriating syndrome in which you look at white paper and stare into blank space for what seems to be hours on end, or information overload. The latter was the case last night, when I wanted to blog, make Twitter contacts, work on my book, work on my coffee table book and simply find a way to strike gold, both literary gold (i.e., a spellbinding new chapter) and any subsequent literal gold, aka, bread, cash, duckets, ben franklins. (Think Lucy in Charlie Brown's Christmas...nickels, nickels, nickels, oh how I love the sound of cold hard cash).

So I decided to work on Indigo Sun, the big piece of autobiographical fiction that I have been wracking my brain over for almost a year. After five minutes of reorganizing some of the chapters I noticed that I am only at 22,000 words on that book. My dreams seemed to shatter before my eyes: the publisher I was hoping to snag requires manuscripts to be at least 75,000 words! I'm not even halfway there. I felt like a pawn in CandyLand. You're moving along the colored squares just fine, you're almost at the board's zenith where the queen stands with her sparkling wand and then you draw The Plum (sing: dun-dun-duuuun) from the stack of cards. To refresh your memory, The Plum's orchard is at the very beginning of the CandyLand board.

Overwhelmed at the thought of penning 50,000 more words to a novel (or shall I say novella?) that is (was) almost completed in my mind, I just abandoned everything for the evening: the blog, the books, the optimism, the dreams. I had literally made myself sick, just as sbass and I had discussed earlier that day. We take on so much, we get so excited and then we're wallowing in nausea.

I downed a shot of Pepto, went to bed and here I am, back in the saddle, trekking through the Plum's orchard.

image courtesy of

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