Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Food for Thought!

I thought about what Monica wrote in her blog, "The Plum" and realized...I have SIO! OH No, not SIO...

To put it simply, today many experience a little bit of SIO or "simple information overload". A common cold it is not. Busy schedules, working your heart out, reading, family, problems, bills, twittering, blogging, facebooking, phones ringing, people talking, horns a honking, music playing...ongoing--almost as a cow chewing its' cud. In essence, the mind/brain gets weary.

The 21st century is a busy place, and as George Jetson once said, '...get me off this thing!' >>>>So--although we can't necessarily jump off this "information highway,", we can say SIO (pronounced seee-ow) or "see you" which means, take a break - go to your room and b r e a th! In the quiet. Take a deep breath and --Just b r e a t h. ;)

No One Is Going To Die On The Operating Table!

Don't be afraid! They used to tell us in college - 'Don't be afraid to take chances, no-one is going to die on the operating table. '

So in my free time... 'what free time?', I love to dabble with acrylics, oils, cut paper, collage, mixed media as well as adding found objects, textiles and experimenting with layout and typography. I have most fun adding buttons!!!
Yes, you heard it...BUTTONS! I love buttons! They come in so many sizes, shapes and colors. I'll show you a few pieces I have completed in my future bloggings, but for now, let me tell you a lil' bit about my experimentation at left.

It is 'Experimentation' Impressionism, acrylic on board. I remember.... My mind was filled with all the rules of art, trying to find the right one that would work... RULES, RULES, RULES. Where do I start??? Do I dare touch the canvas? Do I dare make the first stroke? Then I thought - 'wait! I can do this!'
Just one dab...one little dab. ----UMMM, should I use red? I like red...but red is so aggressive.
'What if it takes over?' -----OK, OK, how bout' yellow? Yes, yellow. That seems to work just fine. Delicate, swift brush strokes and unusual visual angles dancing in the light. Yellow is doing the trick.
But what about contrast? OH DEAR! A complementary color--hmmm, that could work. Well, here goes nothing - bring on the violets.
Now if I'm really careful, I can dab just enough to give a softened, impressionistic feel to the painting. Trickery, I tell ya, trickery!
The real question is how to do that when we have vibrant color shouting off the page... oh, I know, I'll mix and dab and experiment with light
--and suddenly, it happened, a softened effect. This could work! Quick, give me some green!
A challenge, but nonetheless fun!
So give it a try--you can do it! After all, I haven't lost my "patience" yet. ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Groundhog Day

It's groundhog day! I popped out of my hole and saw my shadow. "WHAT!? - you say?"

Oh, it means that I met someone today who has inspired me with their artwork. It was then that I took a good long look at myself and decided that maybe it was time... yes, time to bring out some of my work-to photograph some of my pieces and post them.

A talented, fellow artist, Olga Zalogina has some of her artwork there as well. So take a look at hers as well.

I hope you enjoy!

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