Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inkwell Alley Want To Know

The most important part of any journey is keeping in touch with the people you care about. Sometimes that means keeping up even when time doesn't seem to be on your side. Have you ever felt like you aren't doing enough, that you don't have time to twitter that special tweet, check in on your favorite blogger friends or text that friend you haven't seen in awhile. These are all symptoms of the 21st Century, and there's no pill for that. It's sure to make you feel defeated at times. I mean how many times has it been after 12:00 pm on Friday before you even got dressed for the day because you were busy with "follow friday" and you still hadn't gotten to @tweets, @twitterfriend, @so_many_tweets_not_enough_time, @they_followfriday_me_I_followfriday_them, @RT, @specialtweet, @yata...

So next time you feel this way, don't dismay. Just take a deep breath and realize that we are feeling the same way. I think with time, we will all understand that our virtual life is much more understanding that our real life. I mean, my water got shut off today, because I forgot to pay it...OOPS.
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I just want to tell ya that I still check in on ya and love to see what you're doing! :) If I've overlooked anything or if you have updated links, let me know. Keep me posted with your updates.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sashay Magazine Takes A Leap in the 21st Century

Monica Dutcher and Audrey S. have partnered up, and we hope that you will help us to promote our dream. We have just launched an online magazine on February 1, 2010. It's called

The Sashay Way: No matter where they live, women can be inspired by one another and united in the building of character, mind and body. Sashay Magazine is based out of South Carolina, but our voice is universal. Our voice is your voice. Our journey is your journey. And, as we sashay around the United States looking for story ideas, new perspectives and different ways of living, our magazine will truly be the heartbeat of the 21-st century woman.

Sashay Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for "Real, Rugged and Refined Women" ages 25-55+ who are affluent and engaged in their world as a 21ster, that is, as an individual who utilizes technology and the spirit of independence to successfully manage work, travel, pursuit of dreams, personal time and family. Sashay Magazine is not feminist, rather, our articles are a platform for both conservative and liberal voices. While Sashay Magazine does publish reflective and personal essay-type pieces, we are also interested in incorporating research into our features and departments.

Thank you so much! We hope you will be a part.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sashay Magazine is Launched

Sashay Magazine is launched. The website is Yes, it was a dream; a dream come true.

We hope you will visit as we plan to expand and bring Inkwell Alley to a new level. We want you to be a part, and look forward to developing a rapport. These days, trials and tribulations, stress and even the unknown, make us think that we cannot prosper or move forward with a dream. You can do it. Remember, it's not who you are but what you can become! So I hope you'll visit us at sashay magazine. Let us know if you have any story ideas. We are also looking for people interested in writing. Our main goal is to build relationships, help others to achieve their goals, and to support and promote your dream.

If you have any questions, email me at

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Two cubicle neighbors with pizzazz and their own personal, but highly similar, set of of innate complexities find refuge in this alley of creative musings. So pull up a chair, join in, as we--artist and writer--share our spin on the world, art, literary pursuits and the seemingly miniscule, daily occurrences that become larger than life.

WHAT'S NEW: Follow Friday!

Feature Friday--Each Friday! Inkwell Alley is a growing neighborhood and every Friday, one of our followers will be featured with a short bio about their work. We love to make our avid readers feel at home, so relax and enjoy reading about who's springin' up on Inkwell Alley. Don't miss as we continue to update our blog with many new features. Monica and Sbass hope you enjoy your walk down Inkwell Alley! >>Last Week: karilynnlove >>Previous Weeks: June, also known as Isewcute


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