Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Ink-thought!

2:00 am - Had an ink`ling it was time to get up to write down what was pouring out of my head.

2:10 am - MMMMmmm - coffee to start the day ;)

2:15 am - Thought of mom - who passed away Jan 28th 09' of lung cancer. Going to dedicate Inkwell Alley~Etsy to Charlotte Ann Ferguson who taught me INK! Meaning tk.

2:20 am - Checked on my cherished pets, shishu lucy and maltese sissy. Both of whom are inK-redibly smelly today. Note to self - Bath time and, er, call their beauty girl. PRONTO!~

2:25 am - Finally sat down, noticed husband is now gone! Oh my, his back is troublink' him again.

walk, walk, walk, walk...stairs...walk, walk, walk

2:26 am - Checked to make sure he's doing OK. "Husband, you OK?" He says - meditating - trying to subdue the pain. In other words, scoot, scram and skedaddle!

again, walk, walk, walk...stairs...walk, walk


bump @#@!

2:33 am - who put that there? At least it wasn't a toe I stubbed (speaking of which, note to self -remind monica to tell the crowd why you shouldn't do acrylic nails.)

2:33 1/2 am - note to self again! Remind monica not to get too gorey. It may not be a murder mystery, but we don't want Freddie Kruger thinking we stole the show.

2:40 am - planning an ink`link for our giveaway.

2:41 am - updating name to sbassdesign-ink' on twitter

2:50 am - check on auction --- maybe they'll be more shoes, or vintage someth-ink'

2:51 am - remind monica to put together our list of the many famous idioms/phrases that are misrepresented in the office. ,,,a watched clock never boils,,, Oh, you'll see how the 21st century has caused many a character phrase to become evicted from their home.

mindless rambling:
I luv the gecco - especially when he's asked to wear a suit. Did you see that ad?

2:65 am - Internet tells me its not responding and to restart... GREAT - did I save?

2:68 am - Realize that I'm in a different time zone.


3:20 am - Must put clothes up on ebay. NOT< Maybe tomorrow (er, today) - or Saturday.

Random Thought.
Design~ink Word of the Day: BersĂ«rkr - translation, "bear’s skin".
This was the bear skin clothing Viking warriors wore into battle... also wore decorated helmets made of metal and chain mail covered by a large cloth. The berserkers fought with battle axes, swords, and spears. The most famous weapon would be their deadly throwing axe, with great skill. Their morale was extremely high, greatly intimidating their enemies. Reference:

Sheeesh, next time you hear someone telling you, "e' went berserk", you'll know to duck from those flying axes.

3:50 am - Already? Father time is gettin' carried away.

3:51 am - husband snores.


5:06 am - Oh my, I better sleep, almost time to get up.

husband still snoring...

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