Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tabby Cat, ACEO, 3.5” by 2.5”, 

India Ink, Colored Pencil, and White Acrylic

Image courtesy of Melody Lea Lamb, artist who paints miniatures of animals and mythical beings; see below for more info.

Never owning an animal before, I decided it might be fun to visit the animal shelter. Upon arrival, I browsed. thinking..oh, how cute, oh, how cute, oh, how cute......and then out came a paw. I guess it was this tabby cats way of saying hello or to say, get me the heck outta here! I thought, hmmm, should I ask to visit the "get to know the pet" room? Ya know, the room they bring you to to meet the new furry friend - to see if you are compatible... Q! Am I ready to co-exist in an empty room the size of a closet--with no windows...with an unknown cat... A! YES! ...because what I found out is that he is declawed. The poor bud is declawed. So we met and he seemed to like me. I wasn't sure, but I think I was in love. Worst part about the whole thing was finding out that the cat had a predictably, ordinary name of "Simba" but don't tell him that... The sad part about the whole thing was that I had to check with family. Never had a pet before/not sure if this was going to fly.  Went home, dinner time. Q! Cat? Answer: Hmmm! Daughter: pleading sad eyes Dad: owwwwwww kaaaaaaaaaaaeeee. Call animal shelter next day. Q! Is cat still there? A! Which one?  >> "Er, Simba", I replied... >> Simba? You want Simba?  >> HUH? What do you mean?  >> Well, Simba is an old cat. Most people want the kittens. >> OH NO, I want Simba!!! >> Well, OK - He's still here. So off I went, to pick up the new member of the family. When Simba got home though, he learned that life was going to be a little more unpredictable. Every day I'd come home and yell, "Simbite!" or "Simmons" or just plain "Sims". It was NEVER Simba! Sims became my best friend. The perfect cat. Smart, energetic, loving. And forget about having a love life (I know, too much information), because that cat would stand on his back legs and suddenly you'd hear the door handle rattle as he used both paws to turn the knob. HOW HILARIOUS. Did he watch me do that? What would make a cat try to use both paws to open the door? BUT in response to Monica's last blog entry, I came to realize something funny about my dear Sims. He found his niche. [noun] a position well suited for. Synonyms: place, position, vocation, function  And even though Monica has found her nitch as a writer, you can see that it is never easy when it comes to striving toward a dream or goal. >>SO take it from Sims... who may have had to work for hours to finally realize he could actually open the door with his paws. Sims is no longer with me (been gone for quite some time now). Don't dismay--he will never be forgotten. BECAUSE...speaking of nitch, I met this great artist, Melody Lea Lamb, who creates miniature paintings and drawings and guess what...!? I found a Tabby Cat that she created and it looks just like SIMS! I had to order! Can't wait to get the ornament and print--in a remembrance of Sims. 

Image courtesy of Melody Lea Lamb, artist who paints miniatures of animals and mythical beings http://melodylamb.blogspot.com/ 




  1. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am SO honored to be the artist who's painting reminds you of dear Sims! Thank you for all the kind words and images. I hope you just love your ornament and print!
    ~Melody Lea Lamb

  3. That is such a cute story.
    And how awesome that Simba was declawed?
    Great post.

  4. Aw... so sentimental ...I love it! Isn't the kitty art amazing??? They all have such gorgeous eyes...you must check out Melody's website for more!

  5. Yea, well adopting a declawed cat now is impossible...supposedly they are classified as "special needs" kitties. But its pretty much common sence not to let a declawed cat out of the house. Well...unless they can open the door themselves. hmmm...I guess they were right.


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