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Claudia Finn: Artist and Inspiration

"Growing by the Fence", 20 x 24 oil on canvas, by Claudia Finn

"New York Flower Market", by Claudia Finn

the streets filled with a beauty
yellow sunflowers
makes joy memories rise up


Life is full of twists and turns, mostly unexpected, but one things for sure, Claudia Finn, Virginia Beach Artist, is truly an inspiration to many. Her heart is truly for the Lord and for helping, listening and caring about people. Claudia loves new beginnings and the Lord has blessed her with a place to share her art with others. This is important to Claudia as she says, " communicates important messages. When I paint a landscape I want to convey the beauty of God's creation. When I interpret scripture in my painting, I seek to bring attention to the Word. The visual word pictures of the Bible are overwhelmingly beautiful." We asked Claudia to share a few words about herself and this is what she had to say.

"The Mighty One, God, the Lord speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets." Psalm 50 That just makes me want to paint. My hope is that in my life and talents I will give honor to Jesus Christ. I want my art to remind people of what is important.

I started writing a blog about my art this past year, . In fact that is where I came to be aware of Inkwell Alley. I was always looking for interesting blogs when I first started and I remember Inkwell Alley leaving kind, encouraging comments.

I was born in Norfolk Virginia and now live in its neighboring city with my family (my husband Pat, daughter Kate, and son David). Virginia Beach offers so much diversity. Inspiration is everywhere here. I think this is why even though I have lived here all my life I still love it.

"The Woman at the Well",
inspired by "John 4", 36 x 48,
oil on canvas,
by Claudia Finn

We asked Claudia:
>> Do you remember your first childhood art project?
I remember making a stuffed horse and learning the stitches in first grade. The teacher (Mrs. Wickers) called me her "little horse girl". Encouragement is best when it is sweet like that.

>> Did you go to school for any formal art training? I went to Old Dominion University and earned a degree in Art Education. I taught art in high school before we had children. I also often take classes in anything that interests me at local colleges and art centers when I can.
I love the challenges put forth by good teachers.
>> What is your area of expertise? I love to paint in various styles, and create works in groups of series bound together by subject and similar style.
I will show you three of them here with examples of my love of Impressionism, collage. and scripture interpretation.
>> What is your favorite concept to depict? I think I love depicting the scripture and it's expression has come out in my approaches to painting.
>> What color best describes you? I hope GREEN because it represents growth and newness to me.

"Boardwalk Palms", 20" x 60", collage, by Claudia Finn

>> Do you have to be in a certain mood or location to practice your art? I see art as a process, if my tools are not nearby I am continually enjoying looking for inspiration with my eyes or camera.

"work in progress", each panel 20 x 60, collage, by Claudia Finn

>> How did your gallery come about?
Where is it located?
My gallery, Claudia Finn Studio is located in the heart of Virginia Beach in Pembroke Mall's Art Space. I was encouraged by a couple of friends to check out what Pembroke mall was doing with a wing known as Art Space. It has a unique collection of galleries/art studios and classes with the purpose of promoting the visual and preforming arts in Hampton Roads, Virginia. There are five art galleries, a ballet company and and two theater groups open now!
This all has happened within the past 6 months! I love the potential for further growth!
>> What would your life be without art? I know that art is a joy and I see it as a one form of expression, I also love poetry and music. I love the forms of expression I explore and love that God has given me ways to think and say thi
ngs with them. I would miss them because they are such a part of the way I interpret my life.
>> How is your art/art gallery different from others? I think the fact that it is a place that I paint in all the time makes it unique. I love the work of the other artists on the walls! Every one's art together creates a great place.

Left: "Dragonflies and Lilies", 24 x 36, watercolor and collage, by Claudia Finn

>> Here is your randomness for the day: What snack do you turn to for a midday boost? There is nothing better for a healthy boost than Tropical Smoothie smoothies. My absolute favorites are those with intense flavor. Pomegranate Plunge, Blimey Limey and Cranberry Crush with extra Cranberry are the best. Every now and then I want to go back to my elementary school cafeteria with one that tastes like a dreamcycle called Orange Dream!

"Refreshment" 20 x 24, oil on canvas, by Claudia Finn

Inspired by the scripture, "I will pour water on the thirsty land." Isaiah 44:3. This painting represents to me the scripture verse, "Water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert. The burning sand will become a pool, the thirsty ground bubbling springs... The ransomed of the Lord will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away." Isaiah 35:6-7,10


Don't forget to visit where you'll not only find inspirational artword but also beautiful music. So if you happen to be near the Virginia Beach area, stop in to visit Claudia Finn Studio. The hours are by appointment on Monday-Wednesday and open to the public on Thursday 5-8 p.m., Friday 5-8 p.m., Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 12-5. "Claudia Finn, you are making a difference and Inkwell Alley congratulates you; May God Bless You in all that you do."


  1. i simply love the concept of your blog. i hope you know how inspiring it is!

  2. Thank you so much; that means so much!

  3. What a lovely painting style & such universally beautiful themes! The New York Flower Market makes me feel like I'm right there walking past the flower shops on 6th ave.

    Beautiful work!

  4. What a joy to hear that it is inspiring and that the paintings and style was appealing to you! Your comments inspire me, thank you.

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  6. Gonna try this again, this time with both hands and my eyes open. And no cats on the keyboard.

    I came here by the way of FB (Thanks, Woodie)looking for Claudia and was pleasantly surprised to find all this good stuff in one place. So refreshing and motivating. Great job! Mind if I fix a cup of tea and sit a spell?
    Clyde (Portsmouth)

  7. Solomon tells us the heart is the "wellspring of life." (Prov. 4:23) I love the art that is springing out of Claudia's heart as she looks at the world her Creator has made. He has truly given her eyes to see and hands to express it. If I lived closer than 15 hours away I would love to see it in person.

  8. Dean, I truly feel encouraged by your words. Thank you friend!!

  9. Clyde, Woodie is great to send you here from facebook! your comment is delightful and yes there is so much to read and enjoy here, the writers are special women!

  10. Just stumbled across this link on Twitter... enjoyed hearing your story of inspiration... what all brought you to where you are~ a very original artist! "NY Flower Market" is a great work.- I don't remember that one. (I may have told you, I use to live near Vr. Beach- on the Outer Banks.)
    Congrats on the feature~ Claudia!
    Well deserved!

  11. Jill, your words are so kind and they encourage me. I hope everyone reading this will check out your work Jill, it is great!!

  12. Thank you Jan, please visit my blog to read about new goings on:)

  13. Congrats, my friend, on this article! I just did finally have time
    to "discover" the post while still attempting to write a new one
    on mine! Can you print this? If you can, and have permission from
    the author, I think it would be great to make copies of the post
    and have it in CFS as well as leave it around Regent U and in
    local church vestibules, etc. Your work is too great to remain
    hidden!! I wish for you that more would discover them!!


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