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Feature Friday: Kari (Karilynnlove)

Take a short walk down Inkwell Alley with Kari (Karilynnlove), and you'll see that she's not your typical 21-year-old nursing student just trying to get through life. Kari describes herself as a walking contradiction since she naturally chose a career path that will keep her financially comfortable...but still wants to develop her artistic side. To satisfy her "other half", she frequently takes on little projects--painting random things, drawing, writing, decorating as well as photography. She doesn't claim or acknowledge that any of her works are spectacular, but says, "she enjoys being creative and it's what makes her tame the beast within!" Kari uses her blog as a means to vent, especially when school is in session (soon to start again in August.) Forty students in one classroom can cause tension and drama--so stay tuned for those daily updates. You can find Kari at ready for a front row seat to her crazy, hectic life.

"Kari says!"

>> 1. I drink coffee all day. Whether it be to help be out of bed, ease my tension, or help me study, I sip coffee throughout the day. In the mornings it wakes me up. In the evening, it soothes the nerves (which makes for better sleep). And during those dreaded 9 month stretches of pure hell (nursing school), it channels the ADHD into OCD (which isn't much better, but at least I'm focused!).

>> 2.
I have a coffee cup collection. Doesn't matter what store or what I'm actually shopping for. If I see a cup I like, I have to have it. When I have my own home, I want an entire wall in my kitchen devoted to my coffee cups with each one in it's own little nook! (This is a smaller scale of what I want. As seen in the television series The Gilmore Girls)
>> 3. I can make one eye go side to side and up and down while the other stays put. I don't know how I learned to do it or why I first tried. It's great entertainment for kids!
>> 4. My only allergy is to a drug called Chloral hydrate. It is commonly used as a sedative and sleeping medication. My reaction is opposite of what is desired. My sister (who is also allergic) was given this once prior to a dental surgery. She was put in velcro restraints because of the reaction but managed to work her way out of them. As a result, I am now terrified of taking any sort of sedating medicine or sleeping pill regardless of whether Chloral hydrate is in the ingredients.
>> 5. I never forget a face. I sometimes see an old kindergarten classmate in the supermarket and still know exactly who they are even though I haven't seen them in fifteen years. I've learned not to speak to them though.

>> 6.
I played Clarinet for five years (put it aside about six years ago) but can still pick it up and play from memory just like I've been doing it all along. I even have a bad habit of moving my fingers to songs, simulating the finger positions I believe would be needed to make the song I'm hearing.
>> 7. I hate touching any sort of paper when my hands are dry. I get the same feeling as when I hear nails on a chalkboard. I'm getting over it though. When I'm doing clinicals rotations for school, I wash my hands a lot and flip through papers and charts.
>> 8. I find it hard to eat some things of more than one consistency. Examples: Potato salad with onions, Jello with fruit in it. I also hate my foods mixing together, and if I feel it necessary, I will use and second plate or bowl.
>> 9. I'm always jealous. Every person I know has or does something I am jealous of. Clothes, car, money, hair, good grades, ability, favor, where they live, where they go, who they know. Absolutely anything is subject to my jealousy. But don't worry, in person you'll never figure out what it is you have that I want.
>> 10. I can deal with bodily functions (poo, vomit, urine, mucus) easily, but I can not deal with feet and teeth. Anything to do with feet or teeth grosses me out. I very nearly passed out while observing a tooth being removed.


  1. hahah.. luv this post and nice to meet Karilynnlove. can relate to drinking coffee, not forgetting a face (and not talking to them) and the dry hands on paper thing. I think i just can't stand dry hands ...always putting on cream....

    Great post and good luck in school and good luck with your artist adventures...(always more fun than "real work" as I have heard....8)I want to pass on to Karilynnlove that I became your first follower.....wnated to leave a comment about your pickle post, but it wont let me work verify. The section is cut off..hhmmmmm wil try again later
    Crystal from KIZZ 8)

  2. thanks monica!
    And nice to meet you too Crystal! And thanks for the good luck wishes! I think of my "real work" as a way to fund my artist adventures (I don't think I could handle the starving artist thing!)

  3. I really enjoyed this profile! It took me through a rollercoaster of emotions and I admired Karilynn's openness and honesty. There were lots of things on her list that I couldn't relate to, but it didn't matter because she made it all so readable.

    I loved the part where she talks about moving her fingers on an invisible clarinet according to the notes she's visualizing for a song she's hearing. She called it a "bad habit" but I was jealous!

    I visited her over at Thoughtful Confessions and loved reading more of her pithy honesty in the About Me section.

  4. I enjoyed this post so much. You have no idea. I can relate to your situation. I also chose a career that would allow me to "fund" my artistical impulses. I wish you success with everything you do and hope to read more from you. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks! Be sure to follow my blog!

  6. Milli commented that she was jealous of the invisible clarinet. My husband is a musician, and while he controls it now, he is always playing air guitar, air drums, air recorder, air sax---just anything. We were talking about this last night and it drove his moms nuts because when he was younger--he couldn't control it.

    He's also mentioned that clarinet is one of the most complicated instruments there is--so you rock on mastering it.

    I enjoyed your openness. I don't share the same OCD things as you, but can relate as I have my own weird quirks. :)

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


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