Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diamond in the Rough

One things for sure - it takes work to follow your dream! I know - I know... it was supposed to be fun. Remember the garden? You always had to till the garden before it would grow. If you hang in there long enough, you will see the fruits of your labor! Just remember what you are working for and keep it in perspective. There will be rainy days, there will be droughts, there will be gnats swarming your head. No worry - you have a purpose. Move forward.

Debbie of Nashville. She recently found herself unemployed due to the economy. This might seem terrible to many, but Debbie has turned it around to make it a positive change toward doing the things she's always wanted to do. Taking on uncharted territory, she's traveling to new places, meeting new people and getting a chance to take on challenges she would have never experienced before. Although her future is unsettled as far as her career, she is moving forward...finding that there are many new doors to be opened. These opportunities are opening up a network of newfound contacts for her future endeavors.

This is just one story during a time when the economy has flipped over the apple cart. Don't dispair. You may find that even during the toughest of times, there is a diamond in the rough. That diamond -- it's YOU!

Diamond in the rough
Someone (or something) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them (or it) truly stand out from the crowd.

or, someone that falls into unfortunate circumstances but works to better themselves.

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