Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today is the day! Yes it is! It is the day to take another step toward your dream. I've come to realize that it's not only possible, it's the dynamics of what Inkwell Alley is all about. It's about laying your foundation for success. Think about it. You have the talent...and the dream. You have the hope that it will happen. You may be up against money or the doomsdayers, but the reality is -- it's all up to you. All it takes it you taking another step toward your dream. You do realize that even the toddler wouldn't have walked if he hadn't fallen a few times.

Our biggest problem...fear. Fear that it won't happen, or that we will lose money, or that our product will fizzle, or that people won't buy, or the mindset that it will only happen to someone else.

Chance! Take a chance. Charge! Move forward. Chill! Watch it happen. Words to think about, and words to live by. I have been working on a few projects of my own. Between work and home and new endeavors, it seems like it's almost impossible. But I'm here to tell you that even the space shuttle got off the ground. Can you imagine all the struggle that took? So be encouraged - go back to your writing, your camera, your blogging, your shopping, your craft and take it to the next level. We've moved past everything being supersized--we are now in the time of hyper-viral networking. It's something you can use as an advantage.

Inkwell Alley is all about community and pushing your dreams forward. We love to promote the arts, the artistic, the creative, the dreamer, the entrepreneur...that means YOU! Be a part of Inkwell Alley. We love doing feature friday and look forward to working with you to promote your dream. Everyday is another day toward your future.

If you feel you have something you would like to contribute to Inkwell Alley - a recipe, gardening, art, writings (fiction or non-fiction), ideas or anything about yourself, email us at We would love to hear from you.


  1. It is very true! Thanks for the post. =)

  2. What a great post! And it is so true.

    After losing my job recently I finally saw it as a positive thing and a chance to travel (my 1st love in life).

    Taking more than 2 weeks off was always so hard for me while I was working. But now I'm doing it because I have the time!

    I'm going on a big trip in about a week and a half and going for 5 weeks!

    I think what ever is going on in your life there is always a reason for it and a positive way to look at it. Thank you for all your kind words and thanks for your wonderful blog!

  3. Paper Squid & Debbie in Nashville, It's a perfect time to take chances and spread your wings! We are definitely at a turning point with the economy. It gives us all a chance to re-evaluate and make the changes we've always dreamed about.


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